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Whirlpool bath cleaning and care products

A whirlpool bath should be taken care of more thoroughly than a regular bathtub. This is due to the fact that favorable conditions (high humidity and sufficient temperature) are created in the internal water circulation system for the development and rapid reproduction of various microbes, bacteria and fungi that are dangerous to the human body. The development of colonies of microorganisms can lead to allergies, obstructive bronchitis and asthma, especially children

Cleaning clogged whirlpools must include hot tub chemicals. If an unpleasant odor emanates from the bathroom, pathogens have already curled up and are actively multiplying, so you need to use hot tub start up chemicals. Clean it immediately after Hot Tub repair. The main thing in this matter is to choose the right disinfectant spa chemicals for your lovely bath.

Acrylic baths are very delicate, so the use of metal brushes and other hard materials that can damage the surface is unacceptable. Also, you can not use products with acetone and other types of solvents after acrylic hot tub repair. Cleaning agents should be in the form of foam, gel or cream and should never contain abrasive substances. Even ordinary powder can scratch the surface. Since acrylic bathtubs are very common, almost every manufacturer in the line of cleaning agents has a suitable one for this material.

The enamel finish on steel and cast iron bathtubs can be used with abrasive cleaning agents, but cleaning the whirlpool tubs in this way can clog the jets. Therefore, it is better to use natural hot tub chemicals: gels, creams and foams. The use of all in one hot tub abrasive chemicals is allowed only if there is a function of closing the nozzle valves, which will not allow them to clog while cleaning the bowl.

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