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What is the Maximum Size Shed without Planning Permission in the UK

An own backyard in the UK is usually a universal place that is used for various purposes including work, rest, and housekeeping activities. For any individual who has personal territory it may be convenient and even crucial to have a shed. Despite the fact that such a construction is relatively small if it is about a standard workshop there are some restrictions on the government level that can make owning such an object quite complicated.

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Rules and permissions

First of all is the size of the shed. It should be relatively small if the person wants to install it in the garden without problems related to the law, as well as avoiding the issues connected with a necessity to obtain a special permission for construction. For example, the height of the object should be maximum 2.5 meters in case it is located less than 2 meters from the house. The second rule says that any object that is based on the decking technology of construction shouldn’t be higher than 30 centimeters above ground level. Any workshop is allowed to be used only as an object for housekeeping purposes and in any other cases its owner must get special planning permission. Thus, license may be required if the above-mentioned dimensions are exceeded.

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Despite the fact that the plot can be fully owned by an individual in order to avoid problems with neighbors, each new construction that potentially can cause discomfort for people around should be discussed and negotiated before installation. It is worth to talk about the following details:

  • closed views;
  • shades;
  • unpleasant smells due to storage of chemicals and so on.

This is important in accordance with the ethical and moral principles of life in modern society.

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